Thanks to the new super marina “Porto Montenegro”, Tivat is gradually becoming a part of the international jet-set family. While the city was a gray town that did not have an important view, it became a popular tourist destination. More importantly, it has become an attractive housing for migrants and foreign investors.

Let’s take a look at why Tivat has become one of the best seaside resorts on the Montenegrin coast.

  • Tivat enjoys a beautiful, sunny location in the middle of Kotor Bay.
  • It is close to the most important tourism centers of the country such as Budva and Kotor.
  • Tivat airport.
  • “Porto Montenegro” marina.

“Porto Montenegro” is a great place to shop, but here are also the best restaurants in the country. We should definitely mention the Al Posto Giusto and Murano Restaurant among these restaurants.

In the city you will find many bars, bars, an outdoor terrace and restaurants along the coast.
Plavi Horizonti has beautiful beaches such as Seljanovo, Oblatno.

For nature lovers, the city also has nice amenities. Exploring the Solila Nature Reserve, walking along the Vrmac Ridge or visiting the three islands in front of Tivat’s coastline are some of the activities that can be done.

Culture and history lovers can visit the Museum of the Sea Heritage and the Buća Summer Cottage.

Let’s talk about some places to see in Tivat.

  • Porto Montenegro
    Although it is built for super yachts and rich billionaires, it can be called a great tourist attraction center for anyone who wants to live his dream and feel like a rich person. In 2016, Porto Montenegro was acquired by the Dubai Investment Company (ICD).


  • Buća Summer Cottage
    You can find Buća Summer Cottage in the city center. It was built in the 15th century by the family of Kotorlu Buća. It is surrounded by a stone wall and has its own Catholic church. It is used as a museum with ethnographic exhibitions and a gallery of contemporary local artists.


  • “Pine” beach and promenade area
    There are dozens of large palm trees and a number of pubs with outdoor terraces. A truly excellent place to relax and watch the sunset.


  • Consulate of Yugoslavia
    A very interesting place for tourists not far from the Pine Promenade is the turist Consulate of the Republic of Socialist Federation of Yugoslavia ait, a memorial museum of the period of 1945-1989. In this ij Consulate ij you can see the flags, the state symbols, Josip Broz Tito’s uniforms, and one of the most prestigious vehicles that Tito was driving from the 1960s.


  • Museum of the Sea Heritage
    The maritime heritage museum is located in Porto Montenegro. The former marine facility purchased by Peter Munk was called Arsenal and was one of the largest sea bases in the Adriatic. This museum is now home to more than 300 exhibitions on the maritime history of the region.